4000kgs two post lift. The Consul 2.40 Premium - Symmetrical baseless

"The System makes the difference"

Consul Lifts have been manufactured in Germany since 1953.

They are of the highest quality and manufactured with exceptionally stiff rolled steel posts. This strong design offers a very small footprint to the post allowing wider spacing of the posts themselves hence making more room for opening the car doors.        

All the lifts are all fitted with low-profile arms so there is no need for special adaptions for sports cars or cars with low sills etc. The unique design of the roller guided lift carriages means there are no guides to wear and the unique arm supports are exceptionally solid. Safety devices include automatic arm locks, a mechanical locking device in the event of load nut failure, acoustic foot protection and a chain break mechanism where appropriate.

Note : No Baseframe : This lift has no supporting baseframe so no steelwork on the floor between the posts.

Consul Premium Range

The Premium range is ideal for main dealers and prestige workshops offering a combination of flexibility, ease of use and ruggedness. The lifts have bronze load nuts with automatic oilers giving exceptional longevity, load nuts typically last over 15 years. The lifts have push button controls, programmable limits and microprocessor controlled levelling system. Many of the Premium range of lifts have 3-piece lift arms allowing a wide range of vehicles to be lifted, this larger model is fitted with four three piece arms and will lift a Smart Fortwo and a long wheelbase Sprinter. 

Product description : Model 54060.9

This multi-purpose two post lift is your everyday professional two post lift with the added bonus off being baseframe free. Loved by main dealers and garages around the UK because of the empty floor-space between the posts and its diversity being suitable for lifting of small vehicles (e.g. Smart Fortwo BR453) and long wheel base vehicles such as the Mercedes Sprinter. Moving around of toolboxes, transmission jacks and oil drainers etc; is a simple task. The sychronisation system for the two drive motors can be by overhead bridge, or if preferred recessed into the concrete floor. Asymmetrical (short front arms, long rear arms) drive-on, reverse off.

Lifting capacity of 4000kgs. 

Note : On this lift, the Cable Bridge for synchronisation 

can be installed above or below the concrete floor***

Design features:

  • Special rolled section columns
  • Installation rectangular to drive-on direction
  • Carriage guided by 6 rollers
  • Bronze load nut / cast alloy safety nut
  • Oil dispenser for supporting lubrication
  • Broken nut raise lock-down features
  • Acoustic foot protection
  • Softline push-button control with computer guided leveling system
  • Lockable main switch directly on the post
  • Complete covering of post interior
  • Cushioning door stop, adjustable pick-up plate (approx. 25 mm) 
  • Arm locking device (easily adjustable), locking at 300 mm
  • Optional: Self supporting base frame; 2nd control unit
  • Protection class IP 54, GS-approved, DIN EN 1493, CE-approved

Dimensions :


Lifting Capacitykg4.000
A.  Lifting heightmm2.010*
B.  Overall height of post installed
Note : Overall height of overhead bridge
C.  Overall external width when installedmm3400mm
D.  Drive-through width between carriagesmm2390mm
This lift is fitted with 3-piece arms as standard
E. Length of front arms closed
F. Length of front arms, fully extended
G. Length of rear arms closed
H. Length of rear arms, fully extended

I.  Lowest pick up point heightmmapprox. 85 **
J.  Clear distance between upright columnsmmapprox. 2.830
Lifting / Lowering time(s)
Motor(s) fitted
approx. 35
2 x 3,0 hp motors
Power supply (elec.)V/Hz400 / 50 v
Fuse protection (elec.)A slow-blow20 amps

  * Lifting heights only reachable with optional accessories

** Lowest swivel-in heights reachable with optimal floor conditions

*** If the cable bridge is fitted below floor, customer will be required to carry out civil works

Optional Lift Accessories :

Pt No : 37553.5 Spacer Holders
        Various lifting pad heights
Height spacers for lifting pads :
Various heights available, ideal when lifting 4 x 4 vehicles or vehicles with high ground clearance.
Part No 39734.9 - 35mm           Part No 56593.7 - 50mm
Part No 56594.5 - 
Part No 56595.2 - 150mm
Part No 56596.0 - 200mm

       Spacer holders : Part No 37553.5 -  1 Set = 4 pieces

        Part No 55378.4 Consul FixLift support, SURCHARGE                                                                                       1 set = 4 pieces, adjustable height range 80 - 245 mm                                                                                       Suitable for 2.30 Classic & Z230 Original.  

        Part No 52060.1 Special pick-up adapter for Ford Transit for all 2-post lifts with a 
        capacity up to 4.000 kg. 
        (1 set contains: 4x adapters for Ford Transit, 4x spacers 60 mm). 
        Part No 52012.2  Special pick-up adapter for VW Amarok for all 2-post lifts with a
        capacity up to 4.000 kg. (1 set contains: 2x adapters front axle, 2x adapters rear axle). 
         Part No 52011.4   Special pick-up adapter for Sprinter/Crafter for lifting at point A and
         C according to the manufacturers guidelines. For all 2-post lifts with a capacity up to 
         4.000 kg. (1 set contains: 2 x adapters front axle, 2 x adapters rear axle). 
         Part No 56794.1    Special pick-up adapter for off-road MB for 2-post lifts with a
         capacity p to 4.000 kg. 1 set contains 4 x prism-adapters for off-road MB. 

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