Cascos C-440 Four Post Service Lift 4.000kgs lifting capacity - Cheapest Price

Cascos Lifts have been manufactured in Spain since 1965.

The owner then was Carlos Cascos who gained his technical expertise working in the local factories of Volkswagen and Mercedes.

The experience gained working at these factories encouraged the high quality German standards seen in the Cascos products of today.

All of Cascos four post lifts platforms are manufactured utilising the design of a steel lintel underneath with a one-piece platform on top.

This design is testament to the high quality and long term reliability of the Cascos four post lift and is the ultimate choice for you.

Certificated to the highest Standards

Cascos C-440 Model Four Post Lift.

The Cascos model C-440 is exactly the same as the C430 in build quality but has longer and wider platforms along with a larger lifting capacity.

This model is designed to have an extremely low drive-on height of 130mm

However if the C-440 is not the size you require, the range includes models with longer platforms up to 7 metres and heavier lifting capacities up to 12000 kgs.

£5,250.00 + vat fitted.

Lease / Buy for £25.45 + vat per week, figures based over a 5 year period.

Product Description: 

The Cascos C-440 four post lift is a smooth platform service lift, surface mounted onto the workshop floor, with run up ramps to the front drive-on end and the operating post mounted on the front offside post. (drivers side front)

The C-440 is extremely compact in its overall dimensions and is suitable for lifting, servicing and repairing of passenger cars or vans with a short wheel base. 

Design features:

  • Extra strength platforms with double "lintel style" beams.
  • Practically impossible to deform
  • Positively flat platforms
  • Double safety system, mechanical safety bar, pnuematic safety rack
  • Levelling alert light should the platforms go out of alignment
  • High quality guaranteed hydraulics, built at Cascos factory
  • Manual lowering valve in the event of power failure
  • Adjustable speed of lift for lighter loads
  • Flow regulation valve that achieves smooth operation regardless of weight
  • Thermal protection overload on drive motor
  • Safety system located on crossbars that will cut out in the event of cable breakage, cable slack, voltage drop, loss of power or underside obstruction.
  • ISO-9001 Quality Assurance Certification amongst others

Overall Dimensions & Specification.

Lifting Capacity
Lifting time loaded
Lifting height
Overall height to top of posts
Fully installed overall width
Fully installed overall length (includes drive-on platform)
Drive-on platform height, lift loweredmm130 
Platform width
Platform length
Distance between postsmm2.580
Adjustable internal platform distance
(adjustable track as standard)
mm767 - 1017
Power 3-phasekW3.0
Power supplyV/Hz400/50
Fuse protectionAmps16 - slow blow
Overall Weight when assembledkg840


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