The Cascos Range of Four Post Service Lifts

Cascos Lifts have been manufactured in Spain since 1965.

The owner then was Carlos Cascos who gained his technical expertise working in the local factories of Volkswagen and Mercedes.

The experience gained working at these factories encouraged the high quality German standards seen in the Cascos products of today.

All of Cascos four post lifts platforms are manufactured utilising the design of a steel lintel underneath with a one-piece platform on top.

This design is testament to the high quality and long term reliability of the Cascos four post lift and is the ultimate choice for you.

Certificated to the highest Standards :

CASCOS lifts are approved by the main certification companies BUREAU VERITAS and TUV NORD that certify compliance with the European directive 2006/42 / CE on machines and elevators according to the harmonized standards EN-1493: 2010 (UNE-EN 1493: 2011) 

These standards are  recognised throughout the world, coupled with more than 45 years of experience and leadership as manufacturers of vehicle lifts in this sector.

Cascos meet all the requirements set by the strictest quality standards in each of their fields of action (EN- 1493: 2010 (UNE-EN 1493: 2011), EN-12100: 2010, EN-60204: 2009 and EN-13849: 2009, ISO 9001, ..). 

Features of our Four Post Lift range :

  • Comfortable to use with fast fast access, no need to position arms or lift pads.
  • Suitable for all activities including servicing and repair but the best option for carrying out wheel alignment.
  • Available in: 3.2 Tn - 4 Tn - 5 Tn - 5.5 Tn- 7 Tn - 12 Tn
  • Minimum drive-on height when lowered gives easy access to low profile vehicles. 
  • Configurable platforms with different lengths and lifting weights with a large choice of options depending on the different needs of each workshop: 
  1. Smooth finish platforms.
  2. Platforms for wheel alignment , allows alignment work when fitted with rear slip and front turn plates catering for different wheelbases of all vehicles.
  3. Platforms fitted with alignment plates or wheelplay detector.
  4. Double auxiliary lift (fitted scissor lift in platform) available on smooth or alignment platforms (this set-up is available depending on the model)
  5. Double safety system : mechanical with safety bars and pneumatic with locking rack.
  6. Levelling monitored by a warning light that operates in case of incorrect levelling.