ISC Modine Icegard Verde R1234yf

ISC Modine Icegard Verde 

 for 1234yf refridgerant.

This ISC branded unit was formerly known as “Tronic” and were a hugely successful and reliable machines. Even now after 20 years service, we are still servicing the Tronic units!

The ISC Modine Icegard Verde is robust and practical with a sleek, modern design!

The machine’s “database” comes as a standard feature, enabling the operator to perform accurate servicing, maintenance and repairs.

The Icegard Verde is equipped with a diagnostics system that facilitates servicing and repairing A/C systems through clear and concise messages.

Icegard Verde machines comply with the SAE regulations governing refrigerant recovery, ensuring quality and savings!

  • Fluid Type – R1234yf
  • Dimensions (cm) – 120x70x70
  • Upgrading – Memory Card
  • Display – 2×16
  • Keyboard – 4 Keys
  • Printer – Optional
  • Compressor – 9cc

  • Vacuum Pump – 70l/min
  • Tank – 10kg
  • Oil PAG – Timed
  • UV PAG – Timed
  • Oil POE – With Kit
  • UV POE – With Kit
  • Service Hoses – 3m

Please Note : This machine is offered with :

  • Free Delivery
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • On-Site F-Gas Level Three IMI awards Refrigerant Handling Certification for on person (Worth £230)