Spin Unica Dual Gas - R134a & 1234YF

"The Spin Unica Dual Gas is our best selling machine".  Two seperate refridgerants R134a & 1234yf in the same portable unit but individually apart, very clever :

Spin Unica Dual Gas / R134a and 1234yf

 Just look at the features :

  • Easy to use via a 7” touch screen colour display and an icon-view software.
  • No risk of internal contamination between the gases: two separate circuits with 4 hoses, 2 for R134 and 2 for 1234yf; 2 evaporators, 2 compressors, 2 condensers, 2 filters, 2 tanks
  • Separate circuits for the treatment of different oils: 3 channels for R134a with scale. 3 channels for HFO1234yf with scale (standard, used, hybrid). Automatic circuit cleaning at every oil change.
  • Easy charge in all temperature conditions thanks to the BST system.
  • WSC (Winter-Summer-Compensation) function. Possibility to correct the amount of gas loaded by scrolling the +/- keys and using the HP/LP pressure control.
  • Integrated vehicle database upgradeable from USB port.
  • Maximum efficiency during recovery thanks to the standard “MULTIPASS” function.
  • Flushing cleaning of the A/C system (kit 01.000.96 on request)
  • Recycling cleaning of the A/C system, AUDI/VW type (kit 01.000.139 on request)
  • Leakage test with nitrogen/hydrogen (kit 01.000.218 on request)
  • Optional R1234yf refrigerant analyser compliant with SAE/VDA norms (Kit 01.000.205)
  • Printer included.