Heat Induction Gun + 110V Version

SP Induction Heater + 110 volts

Part No : 96021100

New 110 Volt version designed with site work in mind, where only 110 Volt power is permitted.
All Sykes-Pickavant Induction Heaters use high frequency magnetic fields to create induction heat. When ferrous metallic objects are placed inside these magnetic fields, they heat up in SECONDS -expanding the metal which allows for fast and easy release.

See an Induction Gun + in action 

  • Provides safe and near instant heat for site work, construction and factory maintenance users, providing a small, fast and flexible tool in place of open flame options when heating components
  • Time saving tool ideal for use in all environments and makes the completion of on-site risk assessments far easier
  • Includes features as per SP Induction Heater +
  • Specifically designed for the UK/EU: 110v/6 amp/1000 watt with full CE certification
  • Includes rope, u-form & pre-formed coil