Majorlift MPJ2/MPJ2.8 Air Hydraulic Jacking Beams

The Majorlift MPJ2/MPJ2.8 Air Hydraulically Operated Jacking Beams, are exceptionally well designed and manufactured in the UK. All Majorlift jacking beams are available to fit your inspection pit or vehicle lift or scissors lift due to the comprehensive range of support arms and adaptors.

They are air hydraulic in operation and are suitable for cars and vans.

These jacking beams are available in two lifting capacities 2.0t & 2.8t 

They both enjoy the following specification : 

  • Top Beam – 2.0 and 2.8 tonne models now with an extra-wide extending top beam to 1700mm.

  • Ram and Scissors – A full 260mm lift with proven hydraulics.

  • Safety Features – Hose burst and pressure release valves prevents overloading, finger guard complies with European machinery directive and CE marking.

  • Quiet Pump – New quiet design pump, built into every air jack.

  • Mechanical Lock – Engages automatically carrying out extensive wheel overhauls.

  • Raiser Blocks – Supplied as standard with each beam. Rubber-topped screw pad 1532A & aluminium block 1526 see below.

  • Support Arms – Effortless operation from quality roller bearings give easy movement.

  • Roller Hook or Roller Flat Support Arms Supplied As Standard

Massive selection of support-arms to fit your specific lift or inspection pit, at extra cost (P.O.A).

See the range of support arms for your lift : 


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  • 2 Tonne - Model MPJ2

MPJ2 2-tonne air-operated NEW high lift.

Now available an updated 2 tonne jacking beam with 60mm more lift and 100mm wider reach from the top beam as standard, all at no extra cost. 

Approved for MOT testing class 4.

  • 2.8 Tonne - Model MPJ2.8

2.8-tonne air-operated NEW high lift. 

These hugely popular units have just been given a technical and operational advantage. As well as the 1700mm extendable top beam, we can now supply them with an extra-wide 1850mm top beam. 

Approved for MOT testing class 7.

Additional Cost :

£60.00 + vat for 1850mm top beam. 

Technical Data

MOT Approval forClass 4Class 7
Part No. Air Hydraulic operationMPJ2MPJ2.8
A Width when extended1700mm – 67″1700mm – 67″
B Width when retracted800mm – 31.5″815mm – 32″
C Minimum width over support arms775mm – 30.5″790mm – 31″
D Maximum width over support arms1125mm – 44″1130mm – 44.5″
E Closed height212mm – 8.25″242mm – 9.5″
F Total lift260mm – 10.25″260mm – 10.25″
*G Height above platform/floor75mm – 2.9″92mm – 3.6″
*can be set lower with special arms if required

Weight – with top beam87kgs – 192lbs113kgs – 249lbs

Narrow Jacking Beams to fit narrow pits and lifts (pump mounted externally)

C Minimum width over support arms685mm – 27″700mm – 27.58″
D Maximum width over support arms1015mm – 40″1020mm – 40.5″

A Width when extended1850mm – 73″1850mm – 73″
B Width when retracted950mm – 37.5″963mm – 38″

Part No.


Note : All Jacking Beams are supplied as standard with hooked or flat roller support ends with roller bearings for ease of pushing or pulling.

However, some Jacking Beams will need to be fitted with the correct ends to compliment your exact lift or inspection pit. Listed below is the massive selection of ends now available for all the manufacturers various lifts with the part numbers and prices for each.

If your lift requires the exact end fittings the price will need to be added to our Special Prices.

If you are unsure or would like to discuss the options, please make contact 01603 781999.

Support Arms for 1.5 & 2.0 Tonne Jacking Beams

Support Arms for 2.6 1.5 & 2.0 Tonne Jacking Beams


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