MOT Testing Stations, all Classes


When we speak to our customers about applying for an MOT Testing Station, they always tell us about the complexity of the paperwork, whether or not their building is long enough and tall enough and why cant they just find someone who can simplify the whole process and just get on with it?

Thats where we come in, why put yourselves through it? We have been doing this type of work since 1981 and have gained approval for hundreds and hundreds of MOT Test Lanes in the UK.

If you want us to project manage your proposed station, be the provider of the necessary equipment and simplify the whole process based upon our years of experience, we will. 

We can assist with the Application process, supply your detailed layout drawing, liaise with your builder and issue all necessary Certification once we have installed the equipment.

You can rest assured the works are being carried out and continue running your business until the station is ready to begin testing.

In addition we can offer you several different manufacturers of equipment best suited to your Test Stations requirements based on your buildings size and location. 

Please look through our pages of information in this catergory and some of our completed Test Lanes.

Classes 1 & 2,      Classes 3 & 4,      Classes 4, & 7

Typical MOT Test Lane Layout drawing.

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