1000kg Capacity
1000kg Capacity
1000kg Capacity
1000kg Capacity
1000kg Capacity
1000kg Capacity
1000kg Capacity
1000kg Capacity
1000kg Capacity

The Majorlift VTJ1000 series of vertical transmission jacks can be purchased as a floor standing unit, use under a vehicle lift, mobile columns or in the inspection pit. There are 4 models available all with 1000kgs capacity. (If you prefer a larger lifting capacity several more units are available on this website)


Product Description

Two models for use under a four post lift or mobile columns :

1. VTJ1000 1000Kg Manually operated Mobile Vertical Transmission Jack 

complete with 9510 lifting head assembly.  £2,775.00 + vat (£3,330.00)

2. VTJ1000A 1000Kg Air assisted mobile Vertical Transmission Jack 

complete with 9510 lifting head assembly.  £3,400.00 + vat (£4,080.00)

Two models for use in an Inspection Pit :

3. VTJ1000P  1000Kg Manually operated Mobile Vertical Transmission Jack (pit version)

complete with 9510 lifting head assembly.  £2,775.00 + vat (£3,330.00)

4. VTJ1000PA 1000Kg Air assisted mobile Vertical Transmission Jack (pit version) 

complete with 9510 lifting head assembly.  £3,435.00 + vat (£4,122.00)

Note : "A" versions are Air Operated, & require a compressed air supply.

All of the above units can be safely operated by one mechanic, all are flexible when used under a vehicle. Closed minimum height, 1155mm and fully extendable to an unusually high height of 2100mm. When the unit reaches full height, they remain stable due to the wide four legged base frame with four heavy duty swivel wheels, two of which are lockable. 

There are a large range of adaptor plates including a universal one, or a selection for lifting manufacturers particular gearboxes, there is also an adaptor plate that will allow lifting assistance with heavy hubs. (see full range of adaptor plates below)

Optional Accessories include, selection of adaptor Plates, see below : - 

Price Promise : We promise never to be beaten on price by our competitors, if you see a price advertised cheaper than us, we will match it for you, no problem!  We simply need to make sure the item you have seen is identical and in our stock, and then we’re good to go.

Note delivery : This product includes delivery, to your premises within the UK. Some of the Scottish Highlands & Islands may incur extra delivery costs, if you are located in these regions, please ring before you buy.

To see the unit in action "click on the photo below.

Vertical Transmission Jacks Standard Features

Two way tilt adaptor – The lifting adaptor can easily be adjusted into a precise  position when removing most types of transmission.

Triple extension ram with chrome piston – Provides up to 945mm of stroke.

Manual hydraulic double acting power pack – Proven on other Majorlift equipment, this allows units of up to 1000kg to be removed with a smooth, safe and highly controllable application of power.

  • Load test certificate – supplied with each unit.
  • CE markings – conform to EC directives.
  • Capacity 1000kg.

Standard Adaptor 9510 (supplied with transmission Jack)

Optional Transmission Jack Adaptor Plates

Manoeuvering heavy gearboxes and transmissions is difficult, time consuming and potentially hazardous. This unique range of drive-line adaptor plates for transmission jacks are the perfect solution. They let you work swiftly, safely and precisely, preventing the perennial problems of alignment. Each plate is custom-designed to provide the perfect fit for the transmission you are working on. No more fudging with pieces of wood; no compromises on safety. Crucially by using a bespoke transmission plate the time will be significantly reduced that it takes you to disconnect, remove and then reposition transmissions.

9612 Universal Adaptor Plate

This Universal Adaptor Plate can readily be adjusted to provide precise positioning for a wide range of vehicles. Infinite adjustability is provided by moveable length and width settings. The unit can be accurately positioned and secured for most applications. Robustly constructed with a weight-bearing capacity of 1000kg, this unit can safely handle heavy vehicle gear boxes and differentials AS SHOWN.

Large range of various adaptors.
Majorlift offer adaptor plates for different makes such as DAFs, Landrover, Shoguns, Voith, Scania, Volvo, ZFs these can usually be offered straight out of stock.


9524 – Brake drum hub adaptor.
9524A – converts 9612 to 9524

9517 – Volvo FM7/FM12 adaptor.
9517A – converts 9612 to 9517

9513 – DAF 75/85, Rigid vehicle
(avoids removal of X member)
9521 – ZF. Eco lite/mid/split adaptor
9522 – Shogun adaptor
9523 – Scania universal adaptor pre 2007.
9523A – converts 9612 to 9523

9516 – Voith and ZF auto bus adaptor

9514 – Land Rover Defender adaptor

9525 – Scania GRS 905 gearbox adaptor.
9525A – converts 9612 to 9525

9526 – B12M Volvo Coach, ZF & retarder.
9526A – converts 9612 to 9526

If you want a new plate designed and made for your specific application then Majorlift will create one for you rapidly, harnessing their CAD / CAM facilities.

Warranty Term 5 Years
Majorlift offer a 5 Year Warranty Term. There is a provision that the prescribed maintenance schedule must have been carried out. All maintenance must be recorded in order to support any claim if necessary.