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The Cascos C3.2 model two post lift can only be described as a Classic. Don't think for a moment it's old fashioned, think of it as the way lifts used to be made. With traditional build quality these lifts can be found in workshops everywhere, they just keep going, going and going!!!!!

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Product Description

Our Pricing of this product.

Two models in the range, electro mechanical with full metal base frame.


CASCOS C3.2 Standard model 3.2 tonne (3-phase)  £4,950.00 + vat (£5,940.00 inc)

(Standard with symmetrical arm configuration, all 4 arms the same length, 2 stage)

CASCOS C3.2 Comfort model 3.2 tonne (3-phase)  £5,125.00 + vat (£6,150.00 inc)

(With with asymmetrical arm configuration, 2 stage front, 3 stage rear)

If wanted in Single Phase supply, add £395.00 + vat (£474.00) to the price.

Also available in a basefree version (See baseless lift section)

** Delivery & Installation at your companies "prepared site" and 20% vat. 

(A VAT Invoice will be issued with your purchase)

** Delivery & installation :

A site survey will be completed prior to installation.

Customer to supply electrical supply & connection to lift.

Some of the Scottish Highlands & Islands may incur extra delivery costs, 

if you are located in these regions, please ring before you buy.


Colours above are as standard from November 2021

Will it fit in my Workshop :

CASCOS C3.2 Standard model 3.2 tonne.

CASCOS C3.2 Comfort model 3.2 tonne. 

All CASCOS Lifts are manufacture to the highest Quality Standards and include :

"SlenderTec" profile posts, specially designed and hot-rolled, to enable building of lifts with narrow posts that are more resistant to torsion and flex than other lifts that are made with folded sheet metal or similar materials.

SlenderTec technology makes the posts impossible to deform they will always look like they did on the day they were installed.

Bi-directional Loading of Vehicle :
"Slendertec" posts enable cars to be placed on the lift in either direction?  (Most two post lifts have short lifting arms to the front and long lifting arms to the rear to enable easier access to open the car door. When built this way the lift will have different weight limits depending on the cars position) Not a problem with the Cascos you can drive on or reverse on, still have enough room to open the doors and it doesn't matter which direction the vehicle is facing.  

  • Fitted Double-height lifting Pads :
    Unlike almost every other brand of lift on the market, you are forced to purchase additional lifting pads for vehicles requiring additional reach. The Cascos lifts come as standard with a unique "Double Height System" a telescopic screw within a screw allows you to double-up on the amount of adjustable travel.

  • Arm shown above is low profile.
  • Fitted two tool trays for wheel nuts, bolts etc.
  • Comes complete with rubber buffer, door protector.
  • Protection of the spindle thread, prevents user from getting dirty by touching it.

Arm Safety Locks :
Arm safety locks using spindle rod, give lifting arms more positioning possibilities under the car and enabling faster loading times.

Electro-mechanical with a 45mm spindle : 

The diameter of the spindle used on Cascos lifts is 45 mm, the largest on the market. By using this large spindle size it creates less friction and, therefore, less wear to the "nut to spindle" assembly.

Cascos spindles are cold-rolled and not thread cut, this process accredits to the lifts high quality and extended life offered by other manufacturers. 

The spindles are fully checked individually prior to any assembly commencing.

Built using only the highest quality materials.

 European regulation EN 1493:2010 and the directive 2006/42/EC

All Cascos lifts exceed the standardisation requirements in design quality, materials, manufacturing processes, maintenance and optimum, safe and controlled operation of a lift.

All Cascos lifts include an identifier of the valid  EC declaration of conformity, that states that the product complies with the essential European standards and requirements in health and safety in conjunction with its instruction, revision and recommended maintenance books.