8.5-13.0 tonnes
8.5-13.0 tonnes
8.5-13.0 tonnes
8.5-13.0 tonnes
8.5-13.0 tonnes
8.5-13.0 tonnes

When you invest in Stertil Koni Column Lifts you are buying the best. The 8.5, 10.0 & 13.0 tonne EARTHLIFTS are the superior solution for energy retrieval, “green lifting” and optimal productivity. These environmentally-friendly, wireless mobile column lifts are the perfect solution for all of your heavy-duty lifting needs. When you use EARTHLIFTS, constant battery recharging becomes a thing of the past. Contact us for Prices : Telephone 01603 781999 or email : multituneltd@gmail.com

Product Description

EARTHLIFT - Mobile Column Lifts.

The Stertil-Koni EARTHLIFT column lift, uses the patented Stertil-Koni Active Energy Retrieval System. This provides you with an ecological mobile wireless lifting solution for all of your heavy duty lifting requirements.

Active Energy Retrieval System (AERS)

The principle of the Active Energy Retrieval System (AERS) is as brilliant as it is simple: to use the energy generated by the raised vehicle as it comes back down. In other words: regain the gravitational energy.

EARTHLIFT mobile column lifts can achieve up to 50 lifting cycles without battery charging. This creates optimum productivity in the workshop. No more expensive downtime because of waiting for batteries to charge.

Very Diverse for all your fleet requirements, up to 32 columns in a                                                        single configuration for Heavy Duty Lifting.

The total lifting capacity is variable by linking multiple lifting columns together. A maximum of 32 columns can be linked in a single configuration allowing virtually every vehicle or combinations to be lifted.

The unique synchronisation system creates a smooth lifting and lowering cycle, even in the event of an extremely uneven load distribution. With the adjustable lifting forks virtually all wheel diameters can be lifted, without the need for small wheel adaptors.


  • Creation of energy without battery recharging
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil and many recyclable components
  • Ease of operation with ebright Smart Control
  • Load cell gives indication of vehicle weight
  • Optimum workshop productivity
  • Maximum vehicle fleet flexibility for all vehicle types
  • XL heavy duty lifting 32 columns in a single configuration

Maximum Mechanical Safety : 

Independent mechanical gravity-operated locking pawl starts at 125mm from floor level. Minimal incremental locking profile with 35mm increments, the smallest available in the industry. Vehicle damage prevention due to 250mm distance between lift and vehicle. Precision synchronising starts at 15mm height difference between the individual lifts.

Maximum Control Safety :             

Individual user settings for choosing language and units. Protection against unauthorised use with personalised ID key. Visual display of maximum programmable lifting height.

Highest Safety Requirements :

To guarantee maximum safety in the workshop, the Stertil-Koni products have received the required certifications.

  • ANSI/ALI-ALCTV certified (USA), CSA certified (Canada), CE Certified (Europe)
  • Low voltage control panel with load cell giving indication of vehicle weight
  • Each column is equipped with an emergency stop button and is tested prior to leaving the factory
  • Splash proof electrical system (IP 65)

Minimum Damage, Minimum repair :                                                                                                         

Totally cable-free, Stertil-Koni EARTHLIFT eliminates potentially expensive repair bills of damaged cables and offers ultimate safe working conditions, as there are no tripping hazards caused by cables all over the workshop floor.  

Full-Colour touch screen control : 

The revolutionary ebright smart control system combines intuitive ease of use with maximum visual information about the lifting process.

The 7” full colour high resolution touch screen is also operational when wearing gloves. With the user ID key, the user can configure the system to their personal needs.

Specifications per column :

ModelST 1085 - 8.5tST 1100 - 10.0tST 1130 - 13.0t
Lifting Capacity8,500 kg10,000 kg13,000 kg
Lifting HeightMaximum 1,850 mmMaximum 1,850 mmMaximum 1,850 mm
Lifting time94 seconds94 seconds94 seconds
Fork TypeAdjustableAdjustableFixed
Fork Length350 mm300 mm620 mm
Fork Width240 - 560 mm240 - 560 mm1006 mm

Optional Accessories :

Remote Control
For convenient operation of your Mobile Column Lifts, we can supply a 10 mtr or 25 mtr cabled remote control.
Forklift Lifting Pockets

Can be provided as factory installed option or can be field installed.

Pockets that can be mounted at the centre of gravity of the column allowing the column to be easily relocated with forklifts.

Axle Stands

Axle stands are available in various heights: low, mid and high with capacities of 8.5t - 12t. The mid and high capacity models have raised cross-members so they can be easily positioned over a Stertil-Koni mobile column lift base-frame.

Various adaptors, including a precision fine-adjustment option, are available.

Retractable Wheels

Whichever mobile columns you buy they are all available with retractable wheels. This unique Stertil-Koni design is the best available on the market.

The retractable wheels prevents high point loading on the floor and reduces the floor surface pressure by a factor of 10. The system is fast, efficient, very stable and extremely reliable.

Transmission Jacks

Stertil-Koni have a range of Transmission Jacks allowing for the safe removal or positioning of gearboxes.

Pricing Promise :

Please Note : All Pricing on our Website includes 20% vat.

We promise never to be beaten on price by our competitors, if you see a price advertised cheaper than us, we will match it for you, no problem!  We simply need to make sure the item you have seen is identical and in our stock, and then we’re good to go.

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