The EHV Workshop Safety Starter Pack provides you with a concise range of products to ensure that the minimum safety standards can be achieved. To denote the “Vehicle Exclusion Zone” we supply you with Barrier Chain, Plastic Posts, Bases and signage etc. Order yours today : EHV Workshop Safety Starter Pack £275.00 + vat (£330.00) Prices quoted includes delivery to your premises within the UK. Note : Some of the Scottish Highlands & Islands may incur extra delivery costs. If you are located in these regions, please ring before you buy.

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Product Description

EHV Workshop Safety Starter Kit contents:

6 x Red & White 90cm Post with Fillable Base

These red and white posts complete with fillable base for holding the barrier chain.

Post height 900mm

Can be filled with kiln dried sand for extra stability

Additional single posts can be purchased if required

12.5 metres of Red and White Plastic Barrier Chain

Red & White – Plastic Barrier Chain to go around safe area

5 x Barrier Chain Connectors5 x Clear Plastic Chain Connectors for permanent joining of 6mm Plastic Barrier Chain.

(Split ring type operation)

5 x “S” Hooks

5 x Plastic “S” Hooks, supplied to allow temporary joining of plastic barrier chain.

Electric Hybrid vehicles warning signs.

3 x EHV Warning Signs for the Barrier Chain.

Lightweight but durable polymer panel signs complete with mounting 

hooks for deployment on plastic barrier chain. (Size 300 x 200mm)

1 x Insulated Rescue Pole

An electrically insulated rescue pole with hook, 1.45 metres long and 

rated to 45kV supplied with wall mounting brackets.

Designed to safely remove victims of electric shock from danger.

Conforms to NF EN 50508.

1 x 1 metre Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat

Electrical Insulating Rubber Matting is essential for ensuring the safety 

of technicians whilst working on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. 

Manufactured to the international standard IEC 61111 Class 0, offers 

protection up to 1,000 volts. Produced with a ribbed profile giving it an

increased surface area, which helps to disperse electrical discharge and 

offers anti-slip properties. (Size: 1m x 1m)