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Wireless 24v

Mobile Column lifts allow free and clear access around and under large heavy vehicles. They are perfect for preventative maintenance, transmission removals / installations and clutch replacements, when used in conjunction with your choice of axle stands they make easy work of axle, brake, and wheel work. The Gray Wireless Portable Lift Systems are available in various lifting capacities and combinations, sets of 2, 4, 6 and 8 are available. Reduce your carbon footprint with battery powered wireless column lifts from Grays, there's a set for your workshop within the range. Pick a set for your workshop : Set of 4 Wireless mobile columns up to 25400 kgs £21,250.00 + 20% vat (£25,500.00 inclusive) Set of 6 Wireless mobile columns up to 38100 kgs - POA Set of 8 Wireless mobile columns up to 50800 kgs - POA Options to compliment your column Set : 4 x Column Covers for use in Wash Bay £750.00 + 20% vat (£900.00 inclusive) 1 x Cross Beam Adaptor - £2,200.00 + 20% vat (£2,640.00 inclusive)

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Product Description


The WPLS -140 range of mobile column lifts are electro-hydraulic in operation and powered by 24 volt batteries, they are fully wireless in operation and each column is capable of lifting 8600kgs.

The WPLS - 140  columns are fully independent units and can be used in sets of 2, 4, 6, or 8.

If you buy a set of 4 initially and your fleet requirements changed, you can buy another 2 or 4 columns to connect to your existing set without any major electrical works or changes to the set up.

The WPLS range features the industry standard wireless communication system with state-of-the-art touch screen graphic control system, providing the user with the most safe and reliable lifting environment. Being wireless there are no external wires or cords hence providing clear and safe access to the undercarriage of the vehicle. 

Other standard features on the WPLS range include heavy duty pallet truck style units to move the columns around the workshop with ease. Each column has fully adjustable lifting forks allowing for the smallest diameter tyres of 125mm to the largest diameter of 1175mm, these diameters fully achievable without buying adaptors or other accessories.

Talking of accessories, we can supply a cross beam adaptor and covers for the columns allowing them to be used in your washbay.

Mobile Column lifts allow free-and-clear access and are perfect for preventative maintenance, transmission removal and installation, clutch replacements; and when supplied with your choice of axle stands make easy work of axle, brake, and wheel work.

WPLS -140 range column lifts include :

  • Touch screen control system
  • Internet enabled
  • Tyre gripping carriage
  • Visible mechanical down stops
  • Automatic slow lowering for placement on stands
  • Auto-return in single and paired modes
  • Original wireless system — tried and true technology

Specification :

Model WPLS-140Metric
Maximum Lifting capacity per column
Set of 4 lifting columns
Set of 6 lifting columns
Set of 8 lifting columns
6350   kgs    (  14000 lbs)
25400 kgs    (  56000 lbs)
38100 kgs    (  84000 lbs)
50800 kgs    (112000 lbs)
Maximum Lifting Height1753 mm  (69")
Minimum Tyre Diameter
300 mm    (12")
Maximum Tyre Diameter
1175 mm  (47")
Average Lifting Cycles (before charging)18 - 22
Carriage TypeAdjustable width
Movement of columns by

Pallet jack with handle
(on all columns)
Configuration (available in column sets of)2 - 4 - 6 - 8
Power supply - batteries
24 Volt
Charging Voltage110 volt supply

Click here to see Gray Column lifts in action :

Click here to see the Gray Crossbeam Adaptor in use : 

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