Roller Brake Testers HGV

Why buy HGV Equipment from Multitune?

Why buy HGV Equipment from Multitune?

Highest Quality, unsurpassed reliability and excellent back up when needed.

Multitune GE Ltd are major suppliers of brake testers manufactured by Van Leeuwen Test Systems B.V. Better known in the UK as VLT. The Head Office and factory is based in Holland and has a track record of over 60 years producing some of the highest quality brake testers available today, we should know we've been selling them for years.

V.L. Tests company slogan is : "only the best is good enough"

The factory is very modern, over the last few years investing in the latest machinery, tooling and robotics. It also has its own Research & Development Department with in-house software & design engineering departments employing specialists in this type of business. 

Right form the beginning you know you're in safe hands, producing high quality products with that extra detail. If the product is installed below ground it will be a fully galvanised structure.A, All the staff are company employed and the engineers are factory trained with highly equipped service vans and a 24 hour service response. 

V.L. Test do not sub-contract any maintenance and repair works to any third party companies.

With this kind of service and back-up its no wonder that 25 years ago VLT Equipment were chosen by the DVSA to supply equipment to all their UK Test Lanes and that's still the situation today. Test Lane equipment is the hardest working, non-stop everyday all-day, giving accurate results test after test just as DVSA requirements. There are currently over 2300 VLT brake testers working in the UK, 300 of them operating ATF Test Lanes, a truly remarkable success story.

If you have plans to invest in a Brake Tester or a ATF Test Lane facility Multitune GE Ltd is definitely your best choice, give us the chance to supply your equipment needs.

We offer to project management your installation, supply drawings and complete your ATF Test Lane application.

Our Website covers all ATF products, if you click on the links below you can view some of our most recent installations.

1. Hamilton Engineering, Stranraer, Scotland.

2. Rowley Autos, Coventry.

3. Truck & Plant Engineering, Beccles, Suffolk.

4. South Mimms Travel, Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

Alternatively, why not ring me in the Office for a chat.

Carl Brighty

Telephone 01603 781999 

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Preparation at an early stage is crucial.

Preparation at an early stage is crucial.

Whats done now can save fortunes at a later date.

Buying a brake tester or Test Lane is always going to be one of the biggest investments in the workshop so choices made now will have an impact on the equipment's longevity in the future.

It’s going in the ground?
Yes, That's where the roller brake tester will be operating from.
Rainwater, snow, condensation or even workshop flooding are always a possibility so the steel support frame will could eventually rot?
To alleviate this issue all VLT equipments that are installed "in-ground" will be supplied with a fully galvanised chassis frame.
Note: This frame can be supplied direct to your builder prior to the equipment being sent to siteWhen installing this frame we
would always recommend installing an outlet storm drain.
RBT subframe during installation.

RBT subframe positioned and concreted in place.

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Installation of the equipment.

Installation of the equipment.

Installation is carried out by factory trained engineers.

The time will arrive when the equipment has to be fitted.

Obviously this will cause downtime in the workshop, so planning is crucial?                                                         

We will liaise with the client or his builder, the date the equipment will be arriving, any lifting apparatus, any requirements for electrical supplies or isolators.

We will also arrange the date and time our engineers will be on-site to carry out the installation.

Its a known fact that lost time is lost money so we always want the installation to go as smoothly as possible.

All our engineers are fully factory trained in the installation and operation of the equipment, once the equipment is fully installed it will be tested and fully calibrated with necessary certification.

A typical installation.

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The equipment VLT16733 brake tester

The equipment VLT16733 brake tester

As installed in the UK's VOSA Test Lanes

The UK specification VLT16733 roller brake tester was specifically manufactured in conjunction with DVSA and is currently used in their Test Lanes today.

To meet the demands placed on them by such continual use the machines we supply are manufactured to extremely high standards and have a drive over weight of 20 tonnes, they are designed for the workshop environment in every respect and are exactly the same as the units we install for the DVSA.

The unit is supplied with license to use the DVSA database containing approximately 15,000 vehicles with PASS / FAIL results

During a standard brake test, following the test procedure on the screen, the unit will carry out weighing of each axle and brake force per wheel, foot-brake, handbrake, wheel lock etc. After the test is fully completed the software will display clear PASS/FAIL results with all the results recorded to the screen, in addition this data will be saved to the hard drive.

Printing out of these results is a simple operation, every vehicle which has passed over the rollers for test is recorded and a history of tests are logged and can be accessed at anytime.

Re-tests are simple as the vehicles data will not need to be changed or re-entered.

Typical Tri-axle trailer during brake testing.

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