The equipment VLT16733 brake tester

The UK specification VLT16733 roller brake tester was specifically manufactured in conjunction with VOSA and is currently used in their Test Lanes today.

To meet the demands placed on them by such continual use the machines we supply are manufactured to extremely high standards and have a drive over weight of 20 tonnes, they are designed for the workshop environment in every respect and are exactly the same as the VOSA supplied units.

The unit is supplied with license to use the VOSA database containing approximately 15,000 vehicles with PASS / FAIL results

During a standard brake test by following the test procedure on the screen this unit will carry out weighing of each axle and brake force per wheel, after the test is fully completed it will give clear PASS / FAIL results with all the results recorded to the screen and saved to the hard drive.

Printing out of these results is a simple operation, every vehicle which has passed over the rollers for test is recorded and a history of tests are logged and can be accessed at anytime.

Re-tests are simple as the vehicles data will not need to be changed or re-entered.

Typical Tri-axle trailer during brake testing.