3000kgs Scissor lift. The Consul 0.30 KH Mid rise portable model

"The System makes the difference"

Consul Lifts have been manufactured in Germany since 1953.

They are manufactured to the highest quality and standards and are exceptionally strong in design. All Consul scissor lifts are low-profile so can be surface mounted without the need to recess them into the floor.

Consul 56747.9 Short Platform Mid Rise portable Scissor Lift. 

The Consul model 0.30 KH is a short platform, mid rise scissor lift which is low profile being 105mm in height fully closed. Being "mid-rise" it will lift 3000kgs off the ground by 950mm.

This lift is a "must have" for tyre shops & body-shops and handy for anyone who needs to have a vehicle off the ground. Its handy due to the fact it's portable so can be used wherever you need it at the time. Low ceilings above or if you have a small area where you would like it to be.

No building works will be required. Being a mid rise model it will lift to 950mm high and has a massive 900mm between the platforms when raised. There are no cross beams or torsion bars between the platforms when raised allowing simple easy access under the vehicle.

All the Consul scissor lifts are fitted with twin hydraulic rams and this model has mechanical safety locking as standard, no air supplies are necessary. The platforms are slip resistant as standard and the platform length of 1400mm is adjustable to 1715mm or 2030mm by locking in of the run up ramp(s). 

Supplied in single phase power supply as standard.

Lifting Capacity 3.000kgs


Dimensions 750 x 250 x 280mm

Design features:

  • Platforms made from slip-resistant plate
  • Integrated electro-hydraulic drive
  • Dual hydraulic system - double cylinder in every scissor, no air supply necessary
  • Audible safety signal tone during final lowering phase
  • Dead-man control
  • Fitted emergency lowering device and overload protection
  • Adjustable in length with flap mechanism, can be operated from the side
  • Hydraulic synchronization of platform level with mechanical safety lock
  • No mechanical linkage between the platforms
  • All hinge points are equipped with lubricating bolts
  • Base frame hot-dip galvanized and galvanized drive-on ramps
  • Includes 4 elastomer rubber adapters (20mm high)
  • In-ground installation possible without additional accessories (if required)
  • Protection class IP54, GS-approved, DIN EN 1493, CE-approved


Lifting Capacitykg3.000
Lifting heightmm   950
Lifting time loadedsapprox. 30
Platform lengthmmapprox. 1.400 - 2.030
Platform widthmmapprox. 450
Drive-on / over heightmmapprox. 105
Distance between platformsmmapprox. 1.000
Power supply (electrical)V/Hz400 / 50
Fuse protection (electrical)A slow blow16

Controller Dimensions750mm x 250mm x 280mm

Options Available :Other size lift pads :Dimensions :
Part no : 32958.1

"Elastomer" Synthetic polymer rubber  blocks, 250 x 150 x 20mm to pick up on chassis points. 1 set = 4 pieces.

Part no : 26936.5
"Elastomer" Synthetic polymer rubber  blocks,
250 x 150 x 60mm to pick up on chassis points. 1 set = 4 pieces.
Part no : 32959.9
"Elastomer" Synthetic polymer rubber  blocks,
250 x 150 x 90mm to pick up on chassis points. 1 set = 4 pieces.

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