Hofmann Ecoline 88 Computerised Laser Camera Wheel Alignment System

Hofmann Ecoline 88 Laser Alignment System : 

You dont need to spend an absolute fortune.

A fully computerised luxury aligner enables you to charge a premium for your alignment service, simply because you are able to provide the customer with a printout showing ‘before and after’. 

The ecoline 88 will give you the same results as competitors’ systems that are literally 4 times the price, and is perfect for those businesses that want the benefit of a built-in vehicle database.

3-point ‘GrabClamps’, heavy duty mechanical turnplates, advanced front and rear camera measuring heads, live readings, technical prompts along with a customer printout makes full 4 wheel alignment even easier and faster.

‘GrabClamps’ mean that the measuring head is mounted to the wheel using sprung-loaded ‘arms’ that grab the tyre, and 3 nylon locators on the rim, ensuring there is no metal to metal contact.

So, no need to heavily invest when buying a four wheel alignment system.

Very compact and extremely simple to use, the ecoline 88 takes advantage of the very latest infra-red and wireless technologies to provide a high-spec system with a relatively low price tag. 

Special Offer Cash Price of £5,175.00 + vat.

or £25.10 + vat, per week based on a 5 Year Lease/Buy scheme.

Yes, just £25.00 + vat, per week could get you a product that can earn you hundreds of pounds a day from, why wouldn’t you want one?

  • PC-based system 
  • Four camera sensor communication to increase accuracy, repeatability and speed.
  • Zigbee® wireless communication offers stronger and more reliable signal over Bluetooth® 
  • Full Autodata database with over 17,000 models from 80 manufacturers 
  • Full Colour monitor offering clear impressive graphics with on-screen instructions.
  • With 26" clamping ‘GrabClamps 
  • Customer Print-out providing before and after readings for customers 

Includes Delivery, set up and on-site training by specialist engineers.  

Book a demonstration at your premises "Click Here"

Ecoline 88 on Space-saver trolley.

What if I havent got a four post wheel alignment lift?

Easy, just add to your order a set of 4 Alignment tables, the Ecoline works just fine on this set-up.

Hofmann  WAT001  

4 Wheel Alignment Stands 3200kgs capacity.

Set of 4 wheel alignment support tables, designed to aid wheel alignment using any two post lift in your workshop.

  • Easy Stackable.
  • Meets Loler regulations.
  • Maximum weight per table must not exceed 800kg.
  • Use with your existing turnplates (turnplates are not included with tables)

Set of four delivered.

Hofmann Megaplan WAT001. 

Set of 4 Wheel alignment tables, delivered to you £640.00 + vat, or £3.10 per week

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