Hofmann Megalign "Pulse 8" Premium HD/3D CCD Aligner with ANPR built in.

Hofmann Megalign "Pulse 8" Premium Wheel alignment system.

The "Pulse 8" represents the ultimate in CCD alignment technology, offering 3D-style Run Out Compensation and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) as standard features.

Not everybody has room for a 3D system, and the Pulse 8 has been designed to cater for that very customer; the shop who wants all the speed and simplicity offered by 3D, but in a traditional 8 CCD format.

Connects to ADAS System : So as well as having a comprehensive number plate look up system that even works on personalised plates, this will also connect directly to our ADAS system using the cameras and heads to centralise the vehicle to the panel board in a fraction of the time it takes using the standard lasers and tape measures.

Special Offer Cash Price of £8,855.00 + vat.

or £42.95 + vat, per week based on a 5 Year Lease/Buy scheme.

Includes Delivery, set up and on-site training by specialist engineers.  

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