Megaspin 200-3 the best motorised wheel balancer - Cheapest Price

The "All New Model" Megaspin 200-3 motorised wheel balancer,                                                      Building on the success of its predecessors which are firmly established as one of the Worlds most popular wheel balancers, the new 200-3 takes the ‘small in size, massive on features’ concept to a new level.

Now boasting 3D fully-automatic data input using our unique I.W.A. technology, the megaspin 200-3 is capable in any environment, regardless of volume. Handling up to 30” rim diameter and a comfortable 70kg in wheel weight, the 200-3 is deceptively high spec’, yet retains its main characteristic of minimising footprint and offering the ‘eco-drive’ low-spin motorised technology.

I.W.A. (Intelligent Width Assessment) calculates the width of the rim by taking into account the 2D settings, wheel mass and typical rim data collated from thousands of assemblies. The result is a balancer with high performance capability, packaged into a small footprint and low investment. For the first time ever, mobile operators, or those garages where space is at a premium, can have a machine that is every bit as good as ‘flagship’ models 5 times the price!

Single phase power supply.

£1,910.00 + vat, Cash Price fitted. 

£9.25 + vat, per week when using Lease / Buy.

Weekly figure quoted 5 year lease.

Megaspin 200-3


Space saving design, so no hood required.

Easy auto select.

3D fully-automatic data input using unique IWA. technology.

Up to 30” rim diameter

70kg in wheel weight.

Rim width 1.5”-20”.  

2 user memory facility.

Behind spoke placement.      

2 Years Manufacturers Warranty.

Note : All our quoted Prices  include delivery, installation and tuition at your premises.

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