Wheel lifting trolley for agricultural and construction machinery wheels WT1500NT

The AC Hydraulic WT1500N and WT1500NT,  

The AC Hydraulic WT1500N and WT1500NT are wheel trolleys for lifting agricultural and construction equipment machinery, like all AC Hydraulic Equipment they are exceptionally well manufactured and are very robust in operation.

Both models enjoy the following specification : 

  • Easy handling of the largest wheels in the world
  • Two robust handles makes it easy to manoeuvre in the workshop
  • A simple switch makes expansion or retraction of the jaws very easy
  • A handle facilitates easy turning of the wheel on the trolley
  • The wheel can be secured with a ratchet strap for maximum safety
  • Wheel sizes: min. Ø 1000 mm - max Ø 2400 mm
  • Wheel width: max 1200 mm
  • Optimized packaging for ease of delivery and reduction of freight cost
  • WT1500N: without handle for turning the wheel

Technical data

With wheel turn facility
Handle for wheel rotation
1,5 t
1,5 t
1455 mm
1455 mm
1040 mm
1040 mm
1625 - 2375 mm
1625 - 2375 mm
Roller length
690 mm
690 mm
Roller distance
900 - 1650 mm
900 - 1650 mm
Castor wheel
Ø 200 mm
Ø 200 mm
Wheel sizes
Ø 1000 - 2400 mm
Ø 1000 - 2400 mm
300 kg
300 kg


Just as our products offer high performance and quality, so does our warranty. The immense amount of workmanship, testing, and precision engineering that each of our products receives enables us to maintain our high quality. Our long warranty is our way of showing you can trust our quality.


Starting January 1st 2017 all AC products are covered by a 10 year warranty on frame, chassis, and steel structures as well as a 3 year warranty on the hydraulic system (pump and cylinder).

The warranty covers replacements of parts due to defects in material or workmanship. The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, improper maintenance or normal wear and tear. We have made no changes in terms or claim handling. We simply trust our quality enough to extend the warranty to 10 year / 3 year.


The blue parts are covered by a 10 year prolonged warranty, red parts are covered by a 3 year prolonged warranty.

Who are AC Hydraulics?

AC Hydraulics of, Viborg, Denmark.  

AC Hydraulics is a family company established in 1958 by master craftsman Anker Christensen. Shortly after launching his handicraft and repair shop Anker Christensen was inspired to design and develop high quality lorry and workshop cranes. His original concept became the base of production and the AC crane was soon known in all of Denmark for its high quality. 

Development of a wide range of lifting equipment soon took place and with the extended product range the company was ready to move into export. 

Today all AC products are manufactured in a modern 10.000 m2 high-tech production plant consisting of robots, laser cutting machines and state-of-the-art CNC machinery.

They employ over 130 experienced and well-trained people who's dedication to the product is commendable, it goes without saying that they produce the best and most innovative quality products on the market today.

To ensure the constant high quality every product is fully tested before shipment, the company is certified according to ISO 9001:2000

AC Hydraulic A/S is a market leading brand with 80% of its production being distributed world-wide to more than 50 countries. Even today the company is managed by the 3rd generation, brothers and sole owners, Søren and Claus Anker Christensen.

Multitune GE Ltd are proud to distribute AC Hydraulics products in the UK.