WTA 500 Wheel & Brake Drum Lifting trolley

The AC Hydraulic WTA500 Wheel trolley, 

The AC Hydraulic WTA500 Wheel lifting trolley, is an exceptionally well manufactured and ergonomic lifter for the assistance of removing wheels and brake drums fitted to van, trucks, coaches and buses.

This model enjoys the following specification : 

  • Flexible and ergonomic wheel trolley for the easy removal of wheels and brake drums
  • Adjustable lifting arms for wheel sizes Ø 270 – 1300 mm
  • Lifting arms with roller bearings for easy rotation of the wheel into correct position
  • Pedal operated pump leaving both hands free for working
  • Bracket for easy securing of the wheel whilst transporting
  • Hand operated dead man’s release for optimum safety whilst lowering
  • Ideal for lifting brake drums, fuel tanks, tool boxes etc.
  • 4 pcs of nylon castor wheels for optimum maneuverability
  • Shown with crane arm (accessory)

Shown with the Optional of lifting arm
Part No : 60 070 00

Technical data

100 kg
0,5 t
1198 mm
846 mm
1150 mm
Roller-/fork length
415 / 600 mm
Roller distance
260 - 710 mm
Min. height
164 mm
Lifting height
710 mm
Wheel sizes
Ø 270 - 1300 mm

Selection of Accessories available, if required - see below :

Part No : 60 070 00.    WTK - Crane Arm

Crane arm for disc brakes, calipers, drums etc.

  • Capacity: 250-100 kg
  • Mounted with the telescopic crane arm the wheel trolley is a universal lifting tool
  • The crane arm offers efficiency and good ergonomics when lifting disc brakes, brake drums, callipers, etc.
  • The crane arm easily swivels to one side to allow wheel removal operations to be carried out
  • Fitted with 360º pivoting hook