Who is Multitune

Multitune GE Ltd is bespoke in the fact it offers project managed installation of garage equipment across the UK.
We are suppliers of equipment products for motorcycle, car, van, coach, truck and trailer, details of which can be found on this website. Originally founded by its current owner Carl Brighty in 1984, who was fed up selling garage equipment for a national company that always put its profits before customer care or service. Carl started in the industry in 1980, and over those years has amassed a wealth of knowledge, he offers that knowledge to customers old and new.
Simple principles are paramount to our business, give good customer service and a fast response when it’s needed.
Always maintain that service; it's imperative that the equipment we supply is up to the task, high in quality, reliable in service, safe to use and fully "CE Approved". Maintaining all those qualities to our customers is never easy, but if you supply the right equipment in the first place you've already made a massive step to ensure your customers loyalty and happiness.
To ensure this quality and service, you will find all of our equipment is manufactured within the UK or Europe; we do not buy, import or get involved with any equipment with Far East or Chinese origin. Quality equipment may appear more expensive at the time of purchase, but as the years go by and the equipment keeps operating safely was that initial saving so important? So next time you need a piece of garage equipment, new workshop development, genuine spare part or just someone to discuss your plans or problems with, we are there to offer our help.

Carl Brighty  

M. Director
Multitune GE Ltd